What is included with your Microsoft 365 subscription?

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based integration of software services by Microsoft that is directed towards improving your experience across work and life. It has been exclusively designed to help you acquire higher productivity with new-age applications, and tech-savvy cloud services backed by premium security.

Microsoft 365 is an effective combination of programs and algorithms that are inclusive of a word processing program, an email service, a presentation program and a spreadsheet program.

It brings together all the existing Microsoft software services online like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, Sway, Publisher, and OneNote. Recently, it also listed Skype to provide a communication route and collaboration platform for all businesses and the Microsoft Team as well.

Here, in this read, you will be taken on a journey through the Office 365 suite along with its products and features that makes each one of them worth your time. So hop on the information wagon and enjoy the ride down the road.

What do you get with Microsoft 365?

The Microsoft 365 is nothing but a cluster of software services that have been designed to help you bring efficiency in your digitized life and acquire are the levels of utility while performing those tasks.

Microsoft has a global reputation and it has been constantly escalating with the ongoing post-pandemic scenario that has catered to productivity improvements, return on investments and growth in corporate success, which you can easily get by visiting office.com/setup.

Here, in this section, you’ll get to know all the features that one can experience and benefit from when taking a Microsoft 365 subscription:

  • Prospect and combine- Microsoft 365 brings together all the Microsoft programs that can quickly set up a trial account for you, which you can then examine and associate with the cloud.
  • Unity in collaboration- Microsoft 365 adds to the unification of collaborating employees, regardless of any device or any browser you use with easy access to your emails, contacts, documents, and calendars on the web.
  • Keep a copy on the cloud- When you use the cloud-based applications, you can successfully store all your data there. This acts as an assurance that all significant documents and software applications will be kept safe and never gets lost for any reason.
  • Extended Support- Microsoft 365 has taken up all the premium and hi-tech business-class services like admin phone support for IT, 99.9% uptime guarantee that is financially-backed, data centers, privacy controls, disaster recovery, and robust security.
  • Security features- You get their in-built security measures that keeps you informed about your data location and access details. You also get an exclusive opportunity to eliminate significant data from one device if other devices are lost or got stolen.
  • Associate organization- Changes and adjustments made on one device will effectively reflect on other cloud-linked devices. You get to access the documents on your computers on smartphones or tablets and vice versa because all of the applications are synchronized.
  • Collaborating across locations, devices, and applications- All edits and changes reflect throughout shared documents and tasks on Microsoft 365. Team members can work in collaboration ensuring quick and easy work management among them, different departments, etc. improving the level of expected productivity.

What are the major Microsoft applications?

All the application software integrated in the Microsoft 365 suite holds specific significance to cater to specific task needs. Let’s get to know some of them with precision:

  • Microsoft Word- You get to create multiple professional documents, letters, resumes and even reports with Microsoft Word. Additionally, you get some exclusive features such as checking of the spellings, checking of grammar, formatting of text and fonts, page layout advancements, support for images and HTML, and so much more.
  • Microsoft Excel- You get to craft, edit, view, and share all significant files with others with speed and ease, and this can be done on the go. Analyzing the data and budgets becomes easier than ever if you’re viewing and editing Excel workbooks attached to your emails.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint- Make beautiful and effective presentations with this slideshow maker tool. You can edit it, view, present and even share your work at any time, and from any geographic location.
  • Microsoft Outlook- All email accounts that you have and every calendar event that you marked comes together on Outlook. It concerns itself with helping you with all effective email tasks, and scheduling big and important events that makes your day more productive, and well-organized.
  • OneNote- This is a digital notepad that adds to capturing all your thoughts, opinions, and ideas. You get to take notes of that important lecture, from the book that caught your attention at the library, the minutes of the meeting, and so much more. You can also get to write memos, create your own digital sketchbook, and save all your notes on your smartphone.

What are the subscription plans for Microsoft 365?

Microsoft understood the diverse audience it is attending to, and to provide the maximum utility with the best user-experience, the brand created multiple subscription plans for different needs of different target groups. Let’s see how they have characterized:

  • Subscription for Home- This is the basic plan that Microsoft offers its potential consumers. They contain the latest applications that come powered with Artificial Intelligence. You now get to create inspiring and innovative documents with the smart assistant features. And you also get to save data files up to 1 TB on OneDrive Cloud Storage. In addition, email and calendar tasks can be done entirely ad-free. This package can be used on computers, tablets, and phones with Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android.
  • Subscription for Business- This is the extended version of Microsoft 365 suite that contributes to the productivity for every business size. These packages are further broken down to the basic plan, the standard plan, the premium plan, and the apps only plan. Some of its features include storing and sharing files, security, support, advanced threat protection, business management tools, device management tools, etc.


Microsoft 365 is an integrated program of other Microsoft applications that are primarily directed towards increasing the productivity levels of all users digitally. It includes application programs like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, And so much more.

The read above walks you through the elaborated features of the Microsoft 365 suite, along with a few application details and subscription plans aimed at two groups- home users, and business users that work effectively with very less speed.


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